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Customer Reviews:

5.0 Star Rating/ Janet F. 1/12/22

It works for me. I was introduced to this product many years ago at St. Ann's Inter-generational Center. I love it. I've been using it on the base of my arthritic thumbs which has eliminated pain there, and added knees, ankles, and recently a very arthritic shoulder as the years passed. I'm so glad I can still purchase it and have recommended it to relatives.

5.0 Star Rating/ Debra K. 10/02/21

Best stuff ever

Everyone in my family has been using my jelly. So, I bought a jar for each of them. I have arthritis and it helps even that.

5.0 Star Rating/ Dana G. 5/06/21

Magic Muscle Jelly

This salve really works and I am tossing all my former pain relief creams.

5.0 Star Rating/ Phyllis M. 2/27/21

This is absolutely amazing! I've never had anything help my level of pain. It even helped my friend who has terrible debilitating migraines. I'm so happy my Dr. Lindstrom recommended it to me.

Excellent Product

Impressed with the results! I have shared the discovery of this product with several relatives. The initial impetus for purchasing was due to lower back discomfort (100% better), but I’ve experienced even greater results combating recently developed neuropathy symptoms. Great product!

My neighbor recommended this to me and I decided to purchase it! It works great!! No stinky smell, no greasy feeling and best of all NO SORE MUSCLES!!! Highly recommend to anyone that needs relief!!!

Works great

Bought for my mother in law who is 83 and has arthritis.
She says it works better than CBD oil.

5.0 Star Rating/ Harold T. 7/12/20

5.0 Star Rating/ Tonya G. 7/29/20

5.0 Star Rating/ Annette K. 9/13/20

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